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Hormonal help for your penile exercise.

Discover Why Your Penile Exercise Regimen Can Get More Explosive Results By Applying Andractim DHT Gel!


Finding that perfect penile exercise to get exceptional results is something all men wish for and relentlessly search for. More penis size is desired even by men who have a big penis already! When you consider how we idolize popular porn star's big penises it only makes sense we feel inadequate about our own penis size.

However, when you use just penis exercises alone you may be shorting yourself some additional size gains. Although penile exercises do work, it's harder to gain penis size dispite what a lot of penis enlargement gurus would have you believe. You see, once out of your adolescent years, the penis tissues are much more resistant to growing.

But there is an easy solution that will make your penis grow just like when you were going through puberty. That answer is Andractim topical DHT. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of testosterone that is responsible for male sexual development. Thus DHT causes your pubic hair to grow, your whiskers to grow and is responsible for penis growth!

During puberty DHT causes the penis to grow to adult grown size, but then the process stops. By topically adding extra DHT to your penis you will produce a hormonal environment for new penis growth. Merge DHT with your exercises and you have all the bases covered to increase penis size. Now you have a penis growth plan that encompasses what's really needed for penile growth, which is some type of traction with a homonal growth stimulus.

You should try to keep in mind to take time off every now and then from applying topical DHT. The reason for this is the penile tissues will finally down regulate androgen receptors in response to the excess DHT. So taking breaks permits things to get back to to normal. A shedule you can use might be using DHT for two months and then take one month off.

Now, with perseverance and patience, a serious penile exercise program should lead to some increases in size. Just about all human tissue may be increased by using tissue traction, including the penis. But to get the best result from your penile exercise system, you really should use a little hormonal help by using topical DHT.


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