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Try Andractim gel with your enlargement routine.

Andractim Gel Plus Free Penis Enlargement Exercises Equals A Python In Your Pants!

Have you heard about topical DHT with penis exercise? It's working wonders for penis growth!

Strong levels of testosterone, HGH and especially DHT are all a necessary part of penis development that is not often discussed. This is even more crucial to your efforts if you are over the age of thirty as your hormone levels have already begun to decline.

Also, to get real increases in penile size some additional chemical help will produce better results. The most important hormone to boost gains is DHT. DHT is your building block hormone for penis growth! Applying DHT topically is a sure method to get great results for your efforts.

Pay close attention to this tip. Before you begin any exercise routine make sure you are plenty warmed up. A hot bath or shower works, or a heating pad even a hot cloth. Don't forget this step as it will help prevent any possible injury and help make faster gains.

Now for some quick exercises to spur growth. The Jelq will be discussed first. It's incredible how great this exercise is. It will help amplify the cavernosa chambers and the tunica while improving blood flow to the penis.

You should have about a fifty percent erection for this exercise. Lube up your penis with some lotion or Vaseline. Lotion is more easily cleaned off. Encircle the base of the penis with thumb and first finger like making an OK sign around your penis base. Then simply slide down the shaft of your penis, pushing blood towards the head. Repeat with other hand left hand right hand etc.

Exercise two will involve stretching. As in penis lengthening surgery, this exercise will stretch the suspensory ligaments.

Firmly grab behind the head of your penis by encircling with thumb and first finger. First pull straight out for twenty seconds. Then pull straight down for twenty seconds. Last pull straight up for twenty seconds. Start off mildly and increase pull strength gradually.

All right those are some good basic principles to get you on the path to a bigger penis. Don't forget to make sure to use heat warm-ups and get started slow to permit your penis tissues to adapt to the exercises. Your results will be so much better with topical DHT!.



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