A Look At Exercises That Enlarge Your Penis Head For Men Who Need It!

Some men have a rather dreadful problem of having a disproportionately small penis head in comparison to the shaft. There are exercises that enlarge your penis head to get a more normal look. But there is one exercises in particular that has had some success with guys needing the extra push for glands development. This is a high intensity exercise so be careful. And as always use a good penis supplement to get the blood flowing into the penis head and help it grow!

Exercise To Enlarge Your Penis Head:

Enlarging the head of your penis may prove to be more difficult than the shaft. For some men the shaft enlarges much faster. If you want to try for extra growth at the head of your penis try this exercise.

Perform the squeeze. As one hand is holding pressure near the base use the other hand and do a jelq up the exposed shaft. Just encircle the shaft with the free hand in the OK position in front of the hand already encircling the base and milk towards the head. When your milk movement is almost to the head stop but do not release pressure.

Now you should be able to perform a squeeze technique that will concentrate only on the head. For this to work you must move the blood supply forward toward the head with your milk so that adequate pressure can be applied.

This is a high intensity exercise. Use extreme care and caution!

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