"Try Some Kegel Exercises For Longer Penis Stamina While Having Sex !"

Are you a minute man in bed and tired of hearing complaints from your women? Join the club. A lot of guys have this exact same problem. The good news is there's a kegel exercise for longer penis stamina that really helps you go the distance in bed.

This kegel exercise is simple to do and you can implement it anywhere, even while driving your car. And not only are kegel exercises good for longer penis erection staying power, but they're a core exercise for a good enlargement program too!

Kegel exercises are designed to work the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. Strengthening these muscles will help give you a stronger erection by forcing more blood into your penis. But more importantly for having longer penis erection control they will be key in gaining mastery over ejaculation.

To locate the PC muscle is easy. While urinating, squeeze to cut off the flow of urine. You have just flexed your PC's and done your first kegel exercise!

Embarrassed About Your Penis Size?

Penis exercises do the job much better when coupled with a good enlargement pill. The top penis pill to use with your exercise program is Extenze. These excellent pills continue to enhance men's lives and you too can get in on their gains!

To do kegel exercises is easy. Simply give a quick hard repeated flex that is only a second long followed by a long hard flex held for 30 seconds ( the same flex you did to stop flow of urine). Start with one set of 30 quick flexes followed by one set of a long flex. You should increase this every time you work out and eventually work up to about 500 short squeezes and between five and ten long squeezes three or four days a week. That's it.

As you get stronger at kegel exercises, you can use them to hold back ejaculation. Start easy and work up to longer periods of holding back. At first you may have to stop the in and out motion and just kegel and hold still until you are back in control. Over time you will be able to kegel to delay ejaculation and keep thrusting at the same time. She won't even know what you are doing!





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