"The Most Powerful Penis Exercise For Incredible Gains!"

Are you looking for the most powerful penis exercise on the planet. The one exercise that will blast you to freaky proportions and shock girls into submission? Whoa let's not get crazy here. But there is an exercise that is very powerful and get results extremely fast. The super jelq superset is designed to be an all in one exercise that gets the results you want.

As with any exercise results are better when used with a good supplement. In fact, an effective herbal supplement is crucial to your penis enlargement efforts because this powerful penis exercise requires strong erection strength to work.

Because of the high intensity, this routine is best done with continuous heat. The heat is crucial for allowing maximum tissue enlargement and to avoid injury. Use a hot shower or heating pad for a few minutes before starting the routine. You should also be using a good supplement to help you sustain erection strength.

The Super Jelq Superset Exercise:

  • Grab your hard penis as if about to do a squeeze technique. Keeping your hand at the base of your penis, push down slowly but firmly. Apply as much downward force as possible without injuring yourself. Hold this for a count of five.
  • Then go straight to a squeeze except allow your hand to travel up the shaft 2 or 3 inches. This is like a half squeeze, half jelq movement. No lube is needed, as your penile shaft skin will move with your hand.
  • Repeat for as long as your erection holds up (usually only a few repetitions). Then immediately move to a 60 second hard straight out stretch. You want to combine the stretch with ligament massage as you do this. While stretching keep up a continuous stream of Kegel Exercises.
  • The whole set should take only 2 or 3 minutes. Repeat the whole sequence until fatigue sets in. Between each set run some hot water (or use heating pad) to keep the penile tissues hot and pliable.
  • This entire power jelquing workout can usually be completed in less than 30 minutes. I continued to make gains using this routine alone for weeks at a time. Just remember it must be high intensity and continuous heat is vital to success.

There you go. This powerful penis exercise will give you an incredible workout. And it's quick and easy to do. In a short time you will notice big increases in size if you are consistent with the system. Remember to use heat and a penis supplement to get good results!

There are more exercises for you to learn. And did you know you can get going with penis exercise cost free with my free exercise system? All the appropriate exercise techniques you need to enhance the thickness and length of your penis are featured in conjunction with advice for a supplement that's leading the market and making for almost to good to believe size increases in guy's penis thickness and length. Yes it truly does work and you will see big gains in size within a short time. But to change your life you have to take that first step. So try the system out and make it a part of your routine. before you know it you'll have a bigger penis and a better love life too.



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