"The Pubococcygeal Muscle Exercise For Penis Strength Helps You Last Longer!"

The pubococcygeal muscle (PC) exercise is for penis strength and stamina. In fact, you can actually learn to control your ejaculation and cure premature ejaculation by strengthening your PC muscles. You basically strengthen them to the point that when you clamp down you hold your ejaculation back.

To locate the PC muscle is easy. While urinating, squeeze to cut off the flow of urine. You have just flexed your PC's. To find out what kind of shape your PC muscles are in try this: Achieve an erection. Now clamp down on your PC muscle as hard as you can. You should notice an immediate increase in penis size do to more blood being forced in the penile chambers.

The kegel exercise is designed to work the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscles and increase penis strength. Strengthening these muscles will help give you a stronger erection by forcing more blood into your penis and will be key in gaining mastery over ejaculatory control. To kegel just clamp down as if you are stopping the flow of urine. You can do sets of 20 to start and increase as the weeks go by. At the end of a set clamp down and hold for ten seconds. In no time you will increase the strength of your pubococcygeal muscle and have stronger penis erections.

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