Extenze Review From A Real User:

This is an almost 30-day Extenze review by a real user. It's his day by day journal of exactly how Extenze effected this guy's penis growth. These results were obtained with the Extenze pill only - one per day. And it should be pointed out it was the Maximum Strength brand used.

A final note. Five minutes of daily penis exercises started at the beginning would have made this review even more impressive. I used this same brand and the exercises do help improve results. Nevertheless, after trying them all Extenze is one of only two penis enlargement pills that gives these type of great results.

Extenze review journal:

Day 1: I bought and took the Extenze. Did not feel any different at all.

Day 2: No difference in feeling at all. We did the dirty deed in the evening and Little V was quite perky. No erection problem. No size difference. Stayed nice and hard thru the session. Stayed hard after sex for about 15 minutes. Wife commented on it still being hard.

Day 3: Feeling no different.

Day 4: When I go to the bathroom, my unit feels a bit more full. Kind of like when I was doing PE. Maybe a little puffier.

Day 5: I definately feel I am walking around with a semi chubby. Nice and full in my hand when going to the bathroom. Who knows, this stuff may even work. Wife is out of town for the night so no sex for the man.

Day 6: Woke up this morning and layed in bed for a while. Was promised a BJ on the phone by Wife last night so I popped a woody in anticipation of that. Actually, a most impressive boner. It did not go away when I stopped thinking about the BJ. As a matter of fact, it did not go away until I got out of bed. It was a pretty hard boner, but no larger.

Tell you what, I'm hornier than a two peckered billy goat! If you ever take this stuff, don't take it while wife is off visiting relatives. Still got a pretty good chubby. Nice full swing. Like when I take Cialis. Gonna take wife up on her promise tonight when she gets home.

Day 7: Wife got home and we did the deed last night. All the machinery was working as well as hoped for. Good erection and it stayed that way throughout the session. Still was not one of those rock hard, pulsing, throbbing type of erections though, like I had as a younger man. That is what I am waiting to see. The kind of erection that when you look down, you can see your heart beat because it is moving up and down with every pulse. That is the way they used to be. I'm in my 50s now and they have not been like that for a number of years. I guess that's life in the big city. I don't think it was any bigger of a boner, but it did fill her up nicely. Did not stay hard for 10 minutes like last time, however, I was really tired, plus I had a big shot of whiskey earlier in the evening and wanted to crash. That's all for now. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Day 8: I'll tell you what, These things make a guy horney! All I have been thinking about is sex! Woke up in the middle of the night the past two nights and just could not go to sleep for hours. I think they give me more energy during the day also. Probably just because of all the nutrients in them like a good vitamin. We may do the dirty deed again tonight. Gee, I sure hope so! I do feel like I'm gonna get the erection of the year award. Maybe that is just in my head, but my mind sure is focusing on that region. Like I said before, it is like taking a Cialis and you have a pudgey all weekend. Viagra does not do that to me though, only Cialis.

Day 8: Definately walking around with a semi all day long. Again, like I have taken Cialis. Did the deed last night. Definately harder than it has been for a couple of years. Does not start to go down until I cum. Even when slowing down on the passionate stuff. Does not look any bigger to me but she said it was very tight. HMMMMM Could it be?

Day 9: Looking and feeling fine! Something is definately happening. I am NOT saying it is making my penis bigger, but, my flaccid hang is longer. Like after a week of good jelqing. I have not seen a bigger boner but wife said it was very tight the other night, so that was a good sign. This sutff does make you horney, beware of that. So far, no side effects at all. Reading what can happen is just scary. Baldness, acne, dissiness, rapid heart beating.....etc. Makes you think twice of taking this kind of thing when you think about it.

Day 10: I think this stuff would make a good PE tool. I have not done this for some time now, but I did a little jelqing in the shower today. It was already pudged up pretty good so jelqing was a breeze. Some ULI squeezes afterwards and DANG! Maybe the dirty deed again tonight and see if there are any more comments. Waiting for some vibrating cockrings to come in the mail from Adam & Eve. If I get that box, it would be a good incentive for some action. Still no adverse reactions to this stuff. That surprizes me because I usually over react to most pills. Either I am ok with this stuff or this stuff does nothing. I don't think that is the case though because I am walking around with a pretty good pudgey most of the time. Horney as a puppy with 2 peters.

Day 11: Well, I don't know how to say this, other than to just spit it out. This stuff seems to be working! I am not saying it is making my penis grow, I am saying it is making it seem bigger, all the time, especially while hard. If nothing else, I think this pill would be a good PE tool. I started to jelq a bit in the shower this morning. I usually have to soap it up and stroke it a bit to get that bad boy ready. Not today! It was chubby and ready. It was an Uber Chubby! As I said before, my unit seems to be reacting to the little PE I am practicing in the shower each day. It shows much more results than I have ever experienced before. Last night, I was the stud! Mounted her from behind after her orgasm and she just could not take it all. She usually leans over far enough to rub my balls for me. Not this time. If she bent over much more, it would have hurt her for sure. There was a lot of moaning going on as well. Also, I don't know if this is supposed to be part of the program but I lasted a long time. She gave me some great head and then I pounded the heck out of her twice. Came when I was good and ready to cum! That sure doesn't happen much, unless I have been drinking. So, day 11 was good for me gentlemen. I am not convinced this stuff does all that it claims, but a bare minimum, I would consider it to be a decent PE tool.

I'm about ready to screw a snake if someone would hold it's head! Day 12: Same as before. No change lately. I know you guys think I'm crazy for spending my money on this stuff, but I just like to try things out. Especially hyped up stuff like this. See you all tomorrow

Day 13: Good morning everyone. Same as day 12. No diffeence. I'm still hornier than a 2 peckered billy goat. I have been doing a little bit of PE lately in the shower. Just a few jelqs, wet and dry. It feels like I have a lot more dick to work with. It's hard to explain. Just seems like more in my hands. I am sure it has to do with this pudgey I am walking around with. I hope to plug the wife tonight. I will let you know how that goes.

Day 15: Horney as ever. No side effects at all. Whew! Reading that box and what can happen is frightening! Ever listen to those Viagra comercials when the tell you at the end what the side effects can be? I have noticed being just a little crabby lately. One of the side effects is being irritated. I haven't gone postal yet so I guess I am ok! It does take a little longer to cum. I am not a premie but I certainly do not last as long as I would prefer to. This has seemed to help this situation. I am hoping moreso in times to come. That's all for now.

Day 16: Well, I have to say, I am very happy with the results so far. I poked wife last night, very hard and it lasted for a long time. I was able to just keep screwing her until she came. And she came hard! I usually have to stop because I am ready to cum before she does. So, that is definately a plus that I have seen a difference in. I am walking around with a bigger dick these days. I am not saying this stuff has made my dick bigger, however, my flaccid is much larger and hangs better. Also, the head on my dick normally looks like a big mushroom, it is much bigger around than my shaft. Not lately though. My shaft is a lot bigger than the head. As far as a bigger boner, I don't see any difference except that it is much harder and it really fills her up. It fills her up big time! But it is a lot harder and therefore, bigger. I am not convinced that it is making my dick grow, but I am getting the benefits of good blood flow and a super boner! I am happy and impressed thus far.I took a shower this morning and did some jelqs and WOW! My dick is not just bigger, it is a lot bigger! I still think this stuff is an excellent PE tool.

Day 17: Bigger veins. That is what I have now noticed. And they are a lot bigger and more of them. I took my pill with a chocolate drink called Advantage this morning. I feel like a million bucks right now! It was $39 for the box and it is maximum strength. That's all for now. Everything is going pretty well.

Day 18: I just washed my pill down with another Adkins Advantage chocolate drink. I feel great after that! Did the deed with wife last night. I am definately lasting longer these days. Much easier to hold back and control my cum. Nice and hard. Did not go soft when the action slowed down. Seemed to be big, but not any bigger than it has been lately.

Day 19: No change in size. But that is ok, I really did not expect that. I did, however, expect great boners and that I have! If I even look at a picture of a girls snatch, BOING! If a cutie walks by me during the day, BOING! Tent pole action almost every morning. This is all quite different form last month, that's for sure. I don't know about everyone here, but when I got to be in my 50's, sex just did not have the importance and urgency that it used to. I'll tell you what, it is urgent now! The reason I know it is not bigger is because when I cop some wood while laying in bed it does not reach quite to mey belly button. My dick is just short of doing that and I have always wanted it to reach my belly button. I don't know why, I just have. Maybe by the end of this month though, huh?

Day 20: Woke up with some morning wood! wife reached over and grabbed it and said "Oh, you are awake!" I gave here the finger for a bit, she came and then I mounted her. Normally I would cum in an instant in the morning. But, I didn't. I actually went as long as I wanted to. Great stuff. Dick was nice and hard. No bigger. However, wife did say "Whoa" when I entered her though. That's all for now.

Day 21: Well, I think that if you have never practiced PE, and you took this stuff, you would be convinced that it works! It just seems like I have a lot more penis! When I take a leak, it is just a wonderfull marvel to behold! It just stays bigger, fuller, puffier and it gets real hard during sex. So, in someone's mind, I am sure it works. It all depends on what your definition of "working" is. I am sitll convinced it would make a great PE tool. Before I started taking this stuff, I was not real interested in sex anymore. If I got laid every week or so, that was plenty. And when I did get laid, I had a fair boner. But now, I could do it with enthusiasm every day! That sucker is so hard a cat couldn't scratch it!

Day 22: No change. Still horney. Gonna work the gal over tonight.

Day 23: Well, I poked her last night and I poked her good! It was nice and hard and I lasted for as long as I wanted to! We used a vibrating cockring and I have to tell you, if you have never tried one of these things, you should. They are fun! I got this one from Adam&Eve. It was cheap. But that bugger sure works good. wife loves it. She asks for it! She cums in about 2 minutes after entering her with this thing. She cums hard too! Let's say rapid fire!

Day 24: Nice big swing fellas! Just a big, floppy, thick flaccid. Gave her a poke this morning in bed. It actually lasted quite a while. I was pleased. I get a lot of piss boners now. They seemed to have stopped a few years back, but now, when I have to go piss, even during the day, I at least get a chubby. When I am sleeping and wake up for a potty call, I have a full blown, hard as a rock erection. Nice to see again. I also wake up with bonders 50% of the mornings.

I just took a shower. I know you guys are all going to think I am smoking crack but either this stuff is working like it says, or it is aiding in the little PE I have been doing. The results I was experiencing before are compounding now, getting more evident and bigger results. I did some jelqing and some Squeezes and, no joke, I have more dick to work with! Seriously. When doing a Squeeze, you can really tell how big your cock is in your hand. There is more sticking out of my palm than a week ago. I am serious! Now, I have a couple of thoughts on this. 1) It may be working. 2) All of this stuff being added to my diet is upping my male testosterone/enzymes/hormone thingeys and it is just making me more masculine due to that. Giving me more of what I was lacking before. (This is my guess of what is happening). But I am telling you, my dick is getting bigger.

Day 25: I have a lot more dick to work with guys. There is just more mass there in my hands while jelqing and Squeezes.

Day 26: If I were not married, I would not take this stuff! Period! It makes you horney all the time! You can get laid and then 2 hours later, all you can think about is sex and pop a boner. I went to a club last night and I could not focus on anything but poon! Still have visions of sugarplums in my head. That is a good thing about getting older, you can actually think of other things besides pussy. But not when you take this stuff!

Ok so that is the review. Very impressive results. If you are looking for more modest size gains plus a huge boost in flaccid hang size and libido this Extenze is a great choice. The big advantage here is that it is so easy. No workouts or devices, which put a lot of men off. You just take your daily supplement and sit back and watch the growth happen!

If you try Extenze after reading this review make sure it's the Maximum Strength Extenze found here.

Also, use Extenze with penis exercises for best results.


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