Use penis enlargement pills to boost your results!

The Right Penis Enlargement Pills Create A Foundation For Penis Exercises To Work More Effectively:

There's no doubt the right penis enlargement pills combined with penis exercises cause penile growth. To many men are experiencing success! Here's why this combo may be so potent.

In your teen years growth hormones are produced in very high amounts. It's these raging hormones that cause us to grow and develop male characteristics, including penis growth. It's also the perfect environment for penis exercises to create new growth. (If only I knew back then!)

But as you leave your teen years your body produces decreasing amounts of these hormones. These changes lead to decreased erection strength, decreased libido and decreased penis size. And it gets worse as you continue to age!

What happens as you age:

  • Growth hormone (HGH) production decreases.
  • Blood flow to penis and throughout body slowly decreases
  • Total testosterone levels decrease.
  • Free testosterone (a different measure from total test level) decreases as more is bound by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).
  • More testosterone is aromatized into estrogen, hence the higher body fat and man boobs that often develop with age.

How penis enlargement pills work to increase size:

Penis enlargement pills work in two ways to create penis growth. One way is by increasing the hormones responsible for tissue growth and recovery. Second by increasing blood flow volume to the penis. Flaccid gains can be noticeable in days. Erection size increases in the following weeks.

Below is a brief overview of how penis enlargement pills work:

  • Increases levels of nitric oxide.
  • Increase overall testosterone levels.
  • Increase the amount of free testosterone in the body.
  • Decrease aromatization of test into estrogen.
  • Increases blood flow to penis.
  • Increase libido (the desire to have sex).

By themselves penis enlargement pills increase size for many men. But for some guys gains are limited by a thick tunica, a fibrous sheath covering the penile chambers. These men will benefit from adding the exercise routine together with penis exercises. The combo is effective for penis growth. There's a synergistic effect from using both that creates amazing size increases very quickly!

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