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A layer of fat may be hiding an in of your penis length!

Lose Weight To Expose The Hidden Length Under Your Fat Pad And Gain Up To An Inch!

If you are overweight as much as an inch of your penis length may be hidden beneath a pad or layer of fat. There are two alternatives to free this hidden inch. Option one is to have liposuction in this area to free up your hidden length. Option two is to lose weight. This option is much cheaper and healthier!

Weight loss:

Weight loss can be attained if you do one thing. Lower your calorie intake until you are burning more calories than you ingest and you will gradually lose weight!

You do not have to starve yourself and in fact that method will in the long run cause you to gain weight! This is because your body thinks it is in a time of famine and will lower your metabolism to store as much fat as possible to keep you from starving!

The answer is to eat freely when you want but to choose foods that are lower in calories. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to a bookstore and find the book Picture Perfect Weight Loss by Dr. Howard M. Shapiro. You don't have to buy it just look at the picture examples of good low calorie food to eat. Start buying these items and lay off fast food and colas.

2. Work out with weights three times a week. Skip a day between workouts. Each workout need only last 30 or 40 minutes. Split it up so that each major body part is worked once a week (except for calves and abs you can exercise these at every workout). You should choose two exercises for smaller body parts and three exercises for the larger muscle groups. Do three sets of 8 to 12 reps for each. Every set of each exercise should be intense and difficult to finish (work up to this level).

3. Do cardio work such as a stair master or fast walking two or three days a week between weight lifting days. If you do it in the morning before eating you will burn more calories. This workout need last only 20 or 30 minutes but needs to be as intense as you can handle. Remember to work up to it slowly.


Another option is to have the fat removed with liposuction. This is a costly alternative and can be embarrassing to discuss with your doctor. Also eating correctly is so much cheaper and of coarse there is also the health benefit! But the results of lipo in this area can be quite amazing.

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