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How I won the battle to lengthen my penis!

Fastest Ways I Used To Lengthen My Penis Quickly And Easily!

Listen closely to my story it may remind you of yourself. I was very depressed about the length of my penis. All I could think about was ways I could lengthen my penis just an inch or two. How that would change my life! Was there a way?

Well I'm happy to tell you I found a way that works. But I went through a lot of trial and error before I found the solution to the longer penis I wanted.

With all the recent infomercials, you can bet I tried out penis enlarging pills. These are herbal concoctions that are supposed to make your penis longer by increasing blood flow. One pill - Extenze - had a significant effect on both girth and erection strength. But there was not enough lengthening of my penis to satisfy me all the way.

Penis stretching is the next technique I tried. These actually do work. But it's not easy as some Internet sites would claim.

To make the exercises work, you have to heat the area before stretching. Taking a hot shower or bath works well. When you use heat the ligaments and tunica are easier to stretch.

I gained about a quarter inch with my penis stretching routine. And it took about six weeks to get there. But after these initial gains, things started slowing down again. Then I discovered the ultimate solution.

One key is periodic layoffs from stretching. As you continue to stretch your penis adapts and becomes resistant to the stretching so then you should take some time off. The penile ligaments will eventually revert back to a normal state and you can start the stretching exercises again. You just need to keep doing this in cycles.

The second key requires using a topical DHT gel to the penis daily while on a cycle. Topical DHT is a powerful androgen responsible for development of male sexual traitslike a masculine voice, body hair and penis development. Utilising topical DHT induces the penis to more growth.

DHT is only used while on a stretching cycle. When you take a break from the stretches, discontinue the use of DHT. This will let the androgen receptors in the penis tissues to become highly sensitive to topical DHT again.

This is the routine I used to finally add length to my penis. It took me just a few months of going through these cycles to be happy with my size. With this system you are sure to add length to your penis. You also gain some girth.



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