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Some jelq questions and answers.

Some Common Jelqing Problems And How To Overcome Them:

What if I get completely hard while jelqing?

For younger men especially, a problem that sometimes occurs is getting a full erection while jelqing (you want to be at 40 - 75% hard).

If this happens simply stop and let it go down, then start again. After repeating this a few times your penis will become more fatigued and the erections should stop. If you are still having a problem try masturbating before your workout.

What if I can't get or keep a partial erection during my workout?

It is normal that you may have trouble keeping a partial erection during a workout, especially if you are older. I found using a simple supplement has kept me strong and hard like a teenager. Learn more about how supplements can help you too.

You can also try using 'stimulating' material to look at while you exercise. Magazines, websites or whatever works for you! If needed you can spend a few minutes with this to achieve an erection and then do your jelqing.

You can also take short frequent breaks to regain a partial erection then continue the exercise. These tips should help you overcome any jelqing problems you might have.

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