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Choose natural male enhancement instead of risky penile surgery.

Natural Male Enhancement Solutions To Penile Enlargement Surgery Troubles!


Developing a large penis is a good choice but now you need some enlargement guidance. Well it really comes down to two choices, penile enlargement surgery or some method of natural male enhancement.

Some guys may believe that surgery is the best option of the two. After all plastic surgery is performed on thousands of people nowadays so it must be safe and effective. However you should consider all the issues before undergoing penile enlargement surgery.

Male enhancement surgery is more complicated than other operations. The operation to make your penis longer, where they sever the suspensory ligaments, requires you to wear a traction device for up to six months after the initial surgery. This is to keep the sliced ligaments from reattaching or possibly forming scar tissue and contracting the penis length.

Yes it's absolutely true. You may have a shorter penis than before the process if matters do not turn out just right.

The girth procedure is wracked with it's own problems. Once, fat was injected under the penile skin. Alas the fat usually looked ill-proportioned and was eventually reabsorbed. Today surgeons utilize dermal grafts or Alloderm grafts. These are an advancement but still can have problems.

They take the dermal graft right our of your flesh leaving scarring. It can also reabsorb eventually, but it's less of a problem than the old fat injections were.

Alloderm grafts can have rejection issues, since they are taken from cadavers and may be rejected by your body as foreign tissue. And then there are the obvious problems of scarring and costs. All surgical cuts create scars, which your lover might discover. And the price of surgical enlargement is really high. Expect to pay at least $10,000 if you have both length and girth increased.

But there are alternatives. Although obviously not as quick as surgery, there are natural methods of male enhancement that do work. And the natural methods will require some work on your part. Used correctly natural male enhancement methods are very effective.

Although it may take a little longer, you can get the same increases in size from these natural methods that you could from surgery. Lengthening the suspensory ligaments, expanding the penile chambers and creating new penile growth can be done naturally with the right methods of male enhancement.

So what are some recommended natural enlargement methods? You are sure to make some gains using either a traction extender or a penis exercise program. To make these systems more effective, use Andractim gel to encourage penis growth.


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