Penis Pills: Do They Really Work Like All The Advertisements Say?


A question many men are asking themselves about penis pills is: do they really work? It seems hard to believe that a mixture of herbs could really lead to a change in penis size. After all, doctors aren't touting these pills so can it all be real?

well the truth is the right penis pill can work for you. You will never here about this from the medical community because there is no money to be made by the doctors or the pharmaceutical companies. Herbal preparations are not regulated or patentable!

But if you are realistic about how penis pills work you can add size. Enlargement pills operate by raising the blood flow into your penile chambers. Your penile size steadily increases over a period of a few weeks. Initial signs of growth are more often than not in non-erect size.. In the next weeks your erection dimensions will also change, looking bigger in length and girth.

Encircling the chambers is a tough fibrous cover dubbed the tunica. It differs in thickness and sometimes can curb size increases. The tunica is why some men gain fast and a few struggle for weeks before realizing any gains! Quality male enhancement pill manufacturers include appropriate exercises to safely increase tunica volume.

So if you have a realistic view of penis pills you will find they really do work if you give them a chance. You must remember that changes in penis size will take some time. While flaccid gains come rapidly, erect gains will take longer. It's much easier for the blood to fill a flaccid penis up part way to increase soft size than it is to further fill an already erect penis. It will take time for the steady push of blood to increase the size of the penile chambers.

Now if after a couple months you are not realizing the gains you want, you may be one of those men with a thick tunica. In that case you will need to do some penis exercise techniques to help expand the tunica size. This is not a big deal just takes 5 minutes a day!


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