measure your penis


You should measure your penis to keep track of progress!

How To Measure Your Penis Accurately And Keep Track Of Your Results!

Before you start this program take an accurate measurement of your current size to use as a baseline for growth comparison. You should take new measurements once every month to track your progress. We recommend you measure three different times over the course of a day and use the average of these measurements to give you an accurate figure (erections naturally vary slightly in size at any given time due to fatigue, arousal levels, etc.).

To get an accurate measurement of length achieve an erection and press a ruler along the top of your penis pressed into your pubic bone as far as possible. This will ensure that future weight loss or gain will not give you inaccurate measurements as added fat will hide some of the length of your penis. Another accurate way to measure length is to stretch the flaccid penis straight out as far as possible and use the ruler to measure this length along the top.

To measure girth use a measuring tape wrapped around your penis shaft (or use a string and then measure it with the ruler). We suggest measuring both at the base and the middle of your length. We do not recommend measuring flaccid size because it varies too much to reflect accurate gains (flaccid size will increase however).


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