Here's the story of how penis enlargement changed my life!

My Penis Enlargement Story May Sound Familiar To You...

It was just a week before Christmas when I was blind sided when the girl I loved walked out on me for another guy.

I was devastated. My gut was so twisted I couldn't eat. I could barely breath.

I had been a great boyfriend. I remembered all the birthdays and anniversaries. I took her out several times a week. I bought her gifts. None of this mattered.

Why? She told me point blank... He gets me off in bed!

"My Small Penis Was Ruining My Life!"

I'd always had problems getting girls because I was self-conscious of my small penis size. And yes, I had been humiliated in the bedroom by women openly making fun of my penis. Even the girls who said they "didn't care" ended up leaving eventually when they realized just how small I was.

That Christmas was the loneliest of my life. I cursed my bad fortune. I was trembling with frustration and actually considered ending it all because I knew no woman would ever be satisfied by my small penis.

Fortunately my logical side prevailed. I knew there had to be a solution. I quickly ruled out surgery. Too risky and expensive. I began researching penile anatomy. It quickly became clear to me there were 3 critical areas a successful enlargement system must address:

  • Increase DHT levels at the receptor site, increase blood flow to the penis and naturally return HGH levels as close to teen years as possible to improve the penis ability to grow and repair itself.
  • Increase the size of the penis chambers (cavernosa) to expand and hold more blood flow (increasing length and girth).
  • Stretch the ligaments attaching penis to pubic bone for increased length naturally without surgery.

Like a bloodhound on the scent I sought out every technique and method no matter how wacky or improbable. I tested every pill and program I found. Scams were everywhere. Time and again I was disappointed but I kept going.

If something seemed to make any difference at all, I filed it away. Soon I had a set of techniques and supplements that seemed to be working. I tested and combined these together until I had a routine that immediately started giving me measurable results.

It's so easy once you know what to do. I first started making progress using an herbal supplement I found to increase penile blood flow combined with my exercise routine. Then I discovered topical DHT and my results really took off! I also used an extender device to maximize my length gains.

"Today I'm A Thick 8 Inches And Oozing With Confidence!"

Let me tell you friend, when I finally discovered my winning system, the change was incredible! Like a sponge soaking up water, my size was literally exploding! In only a few weeks I added 3/4 inch in length and 1/3 inch in girth.

My new girlfriend sure noticed the difference! She had her first orgasm by me after my new increases. But this was just the beginning. Over the next few months cycling topical DHT and using the extender I went on to gain over two inches in length and 1 1/4 inches in girth!

A few months later, I was just shy of a full 8" in length with beer-can thick girth of 6". I actually had to stop enlarging because my girl said I was too big!

As I sit here writing this now I feel a soaring confidence I never imagined possible. Before I had always been moody and depressed, feeling cheated by life. But now I feel like a King, looking forward to what new adventure awaits me in the bedroom this night!

Don't believe anyone who says size doesn't matter. I assure you it does.




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