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Penis enlargement surgery can be a risky move and requires due diligence!

About Penile Enlargement Surgery:

An advanced, or more accurately radical, method to increase size is penile enlargement surgery also know as phalloplasty or penile augmentation. This surgery has been available since the 1990's. In my opinion, it is a very risky move and exteme caustion should be used if you're considering this method.

Penile surgery requires two separate procedures: one to lengthen the penis and another to increase girth. Penis lengthening involves making an incision at the base of the penis and snipping the ligament that anchors it to the pubic bone. This causes the portion of the penis that is normally inside the body to fall forward, giving the illusion of more length - usually about an inch, but up to two and a half inches.

Penis widening, on the other hand, adds girth to the penis. This requires the insertion of a filler material under the skin of the penis. It can be done through fat transfer or grafting . It can increase girth by up to 30 percent.

Financially, penile enhancement surgery costs vary; but generally penile lengthening ranges from $4000 - $6,000 and penile widening, from $7,000 - $8,000. As with most other procedures, penis surgery gives no guarantees regarding final penis size. Most surgeons recommend a traction or weight program as a postoperative method to enhance the surgery.

After the stitches and incisions are sealed, extenders and other forms of traction are used on the penis to sustain or even increase the length. Some patients opt to maintain traction for up to 6 months after surgery. But guess what? Using the extender by itself is proven to increase length at least two inches anyway so why cut up on your penis!

Some of the problems with penile surgery:

  • Penis surgery is a hit and miss procedure even today. Do a google search on penile surgery lawsuits or dangers and see for yourself.
  • After penile lengthening surgery severs your suspensory ligaments you will have to wear a stretching device for months. Also, because the ligaments are severed and not just stretched your penis will hang funny.
  • The fat injections for girth attainment can cause strange bulging and will reabsorb eventually requiring constant touchups.
  • Penile surgery is an invasive procedure and will leave scars you'll have to explain.
  • Penis surgery costs a fortune for the same results you can get for a tiny fraction of the price with natural methods!

In my opinion if you are looking for something medically proven effective you're much better off going with a good extender program instead of the surgical option. It's safe. It gives equal or even better results than the surgery. And it's a lot cheaper.



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