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The Different Penis Enlargement Device Types And How They Work:

When you're searching for information on a penis enlargement device, you want to make sure your looking at something that really works. Not just the better brands, but the actual mechanics of the device and how it will effect the penile tissues. Let's take a look at some poplar penis enlargement devices and how they work:

The Penis Extender: The penis extender is the only enlargement device with clinical studies backing it's effectiveness. It has also been proven safe to use in these same studies. By exposing the penis to a durable and regular traction, the cells in the penis chambers begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass. Eventually the penis will be longer and fuller. As a result, enlargement can be noticed in both length and width of the penis.

The Penis Pump: Pumping is an enlargement method that has actually been featured in some movies (for example Austin Powers). The pump enlarges by drawing bodily fluids into the penis using vacuum pressure created with a cylinder and pump.

Here's how the actual enlargement happens. First the penile chambers are filled with blood. Most of the expansion after that is caused by cellular fluid and water being forced into the penis skin. This is what gives a pumped penis the rubbery, water-logged look. These effects wear off after a few hours as the fluids are drawn back into the body. To keep the size you will always have to pump up.

Hanging Weights: Another penis enlargement device is the weight hanger. This is usually a loop device attached to the head of the penis with a hook to attach weights. You then suspend the weight from the penis. You can make gains from this methods. However, you can also cause serious injury to the penis. The heavy weight a noose attachment cut off circulation to the penile head. Tissues and nerves can die from lack of oxygen and fresh blood. Be very careful if you use this method.




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