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Valuable Tips For Successfully Using a Penis Extender To Increase Your Size!

Here's a few tips to help make your use of the penis extender more successful:

1. Use heat with your penis extender device. Heating the tissues of the penis will promote blood flow and allow a better stretch to the tendons and ligaments. You will also avoid any possible injury. To get an idea of how important heat is try this: when you get up in the morning bend over and try to touch your toes. Remember how far you get. Now take a hot shower and try it again. You can stretch further with less pain!

To heat up the penile tissues just use a cloth soaked in warm water or a heating pad. Use a few minutes before each stretching session. You should also periodically apply heat while wearing the stretcher to keep the tissues relaxed. Each time you remove the device do another warm up before reapplying it.

2. Cool down at the end of each session. Just as using heat before applying the extender relaxes the penile tissues allowing for better stretching, cooling down at the end of each session lets the penile tissues cool down and set while in the extended position.

3. Do not do any other type of hard stretching while using an extender device to increase size. When stretching hard with hand pulls or weight the penile tissues will adapt more quickly to the force by becoming stronger and more resistant to the pull. By using the more gentle pull of the stretcher only the penis tissues do not adapt as much of a resistance and in the long run you will get much more length gains!

4. Don't go to sleep while wearing your penis extender. It may be tempting for some to wear the device while sleeping to get some extra hours but this could be dangerous. It might be possible for blood flow the the penile head to be restricted without you knowing because your sleeping. Some men do this but it is not recommended!


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