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Easy To Build Simple Foam Insulator Homemade Penis Enlarger:

This is a simple to build homemade penis extender. The parts are easy to find at any hardware store. There are two components to build: a rubber retaining ring to brace the extender behind the glands and the foam extender itself.

Building The Retaining Ring:

To make the retaining ring you will need these parts: a small cord lock, a bootlace (the thick round kind used for hiking boots) and a few inches of surgical tubing (a yellowish, very flexible and rubbery tubing that can be found at Home Depot in the USA).

Cut a length of tubing so that when wrapped around your penis immediately before the head it is about a half inch short of coming together. Thread the bootlace through the tubing. Now run both end of the lace through the cord lock and pull until you end up with a loop at the tubing end. Tie the free ends of the bootlace together so that they also form a loop a few inches long.

After you have it to the size you desire you can cut the excess bootlace ends off. What you should now have is a figure eight look with the cord lock in the middle and one loop with the tubing, one loop just bootlace.

Building The Extender:

You will need a section of foam pipe insulator (buy long tubes about inch thick and an inch in inside diameter) available at hardware stores Cut a length that when wrapped around your penis will stretch it full length from base to the head. Make it just long enough for a gentle stretch.

Line the extender with duct tape to strengthen it and use Velcro to fasten around your penis. One of the Velcro strips should be at the very end of the extender next to the head so this area will be closed securely.

Using Your Foam Extender:

To use it simply put on the surgical tubing circle behind the head and then stretch out your penis and slip on the extender. Adjust for comfort and tighten the Velcro fasteners.

You will need to stop and stimulate blood flow to the penis about every half hour or so. When you feel ready to move to a longer extender you can cut a new one with added length or try cutting short add on pieces and slip it between the extender and base of your penis.

Remember to use heat before and during the use of this homemade extender device. Also never wear any device while you sleep. The chance of losing circulation to your penis and causing damage is too great.

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