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Penis Pumping Works Great For Massive Gains That Last All Night!

Penis pumping can be a fantastic enlargement method, so long as you understand it is a temporary increase. What this means is if you were to quit pumping, over time your penis size would likely return to normal. But if you pump correctly, using heat and low pressure, you will soon get to a point where your penis stays enlarged a few days. Then you could just pump it up so to speak maybe three days a week and it's like you have a permanently huge penis!

You need to realize that what you are really getting with penis pumping gains is largely tissue bloating with bodily fluids and not a real enlargement of the penile chambers. However, there can be no doubt that seeing your penis become bigger than ever before while in the cylinder is an incredible experience!

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps do their work using vacuum pressure. As you increase vacuum in the pump cylinder your penis will first quickly expand by filling the cavernosa chambers with blood. This is why pumps have a medical use for impotence. Once erect a constriction ring allows the erection to be maintained outside the cylinder. Past this point the expansion of the penis is due mostly to bodily fluids being drawn into the skin and other tissues of the penis.

While the saturation of the penis with these fluids does increase its size, past a certain point the quality of the erection starts to suffer. The penis begins to look waterlogged and mushy instead of hard and muscular. Continued overpumping will lead to loss of erection, bruising, unsightly swelling and more. It is very easy to overdo it with pumping which is why so many men end up with these problems.

However, if you pump cautiously and are very careful not to overdo it you can both get some increase in size (mostly girth) and have a normal looking penis. Just remember that the size increase is due largely to fluid build up and not expansion of the cavernosa chambers. You will have to pump regularly, although less frequently, to retain the increases or the fluids will drain from the penile tissue.

At first the pumped state will last only a few minutes to a few hours after each pumping session. As you progress the pump effect will last longer, up to two or three days. You will always need to pump once every week or two to keep the some size gains from penis pumping.



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