Home made pump building.

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How To Build Your Own Cheap Homemade Penis Pump!


If you want to get an idea of what pumping is like before spending money on expensive homemade penis pump equipmentbuild your own homemade penis pump!

The easiest homemade penis pump to build uses an aquarium gravel cleaner. Look for the two-inch cylinder size with a flat end. These can be found at any pet supply store.

Use some electrical tape (the black tape about inch wide) and carefully start wrapping it around the bottom of the cylinder until you have about a 1/8-inch or thicker ring. Try to have the tape layer extend very slightly beyond the end of the tube.

Next cut several one-inch lengths and tape from the outside of the cylinder over the ring layer to the inside of the cylinder. Do this all the around the tube slightly overlapping each new piece of tape over the last one. Repeat this several times until there is a pad of tape close to inch thick. This will build a penis pump free create a comfort ring so that the cylinder will not cut into your skin as you pump!

Apply vacuum by sucking air out of the attached hose. Go slowly following all the rules of safe pumping already discussed. Be very careful it is easy to apply too much pressure and injure yourself.

Also these aquarium tubes are much more fragile than a real pumping cylinder and could shatter causing injury. If you decide pumping is something you would like to do invest in the proper equipment.



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