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Penis Pumps Work Great For Fast Immediate Size That Can Last For Hours !

So why consider penis pumping? Because penis pumps work great for increasing your penis size within 15 minutes! There are many men who are disappointed with their small penis size, which has them feeling depressed. Some men are too humiliated by a small penis size to ever try to get in a relationship! Of the many products out there for men who have problems with their small penis size, one of the most effective for immediate gains is the penis pump.

A penis pump is a cylinder that is used to create a vacuum around the penis. The penis is inserted into this cylinder and the air is forced out creating vacuum pressure. This immediately draws blood into the penis and stretches the tissues which creates an erection in the pump that is larger than normal.

Most pumps are operated by a manual pump connected to the cylinder. As you pump the air is forced out of the cylinder, which creates a vacuum. As the vacuum increases more blood is drawn into the penis which creates an erection. Other body fluids are also drawn into the penis greatly increasing it's size. Within a few minutes in the cylinder your penis can become incredibly bigger. It's amazing to see.

One of the main advantages of the penis pump is that it can help men to achieve a much bigger erection within minutes. Once out of the pump a simple restriction ring around the penis base will keep the increased penis size for hours. Plenty of time to have some fun! And the more you use the penis pump the longer the results will last. More than fifty percent of the men who use penis pumps are content with the results that they receive.

There can be some problems to watch out for with penis pumping. Over pumping can cause damage to the penis. You can get swelling called a donut or small red spots that are broken blood vessels. So keep the pressure low and the session time under fifteen minutes and you'll be safe.

You should know, using a penis pump will not give you permanent results. You will have to pump three or four days a week and use a constriction ring to keep a constant size increase. But hey even weightlifters lose their muscles if they stop working out. So penis pumps work great if you put in just a few minutes a week to keep the gains.


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