How to maintain your penis size gains forever!

Keep Your Gains Forever With The Penis Size Maintenance Routine!

After a lot of experimentation, I found a simple routine that has allowed me to keep my new penis size with just a few short workouts a week. You can start using this routine when you are satisfied with your current gains and no longer want more size but want to keep what you have.

You can always go back to the regular routine at a later time if you decide to get even bigger!

Penis Size Maintenance Routine:

Exercises: Three times per week in hot shower if possible:

  • 5 to 12 minutes of forceful Jelqing
  • Combined with 5 minutes of Kegel Exercise exercise.
  • After every 20 Jelqs pull down on your penis and use your thumb to press down and out on the ligaments at the base of the shaft.

You can combine all of these exercises into one super exercise to save time. As you Jelq do your Kegel Exercises. Every 20 repetitions or so pause to pull down on the penis head and from the top press down on the ligaments at the base of your penis. This will keep them from retracting to a shorter length.

I also like to do this routine in the shower because you will be maximally warmed up and the penile tissues pliable. This allows high intensity without injury.

Supplements: After you've reached your goals, you should be able to cut down on supplement use for penis size maintenance. How much to cut down can be tricky and probably varies per individual.

I had made my best gains using penis supplements 3 times a day along with the exercises. But for size maintenance I wanted to reduce this as much as possible to save money.

I quickly found if I stopped taking supplements altogether there was a decrease in libido and erection strength within a few days.

But at one pill a day erections remained big and strong. Often I skip a day with no adverse effects. And once in a while I'll load up if I want to be especially virulent that night!

So try less pills per day or skipping days. Trial and error will soon tell you what works best. You will learn to "feel" if you are maintaining well or need to boost supplement intake and adjust accordingly.

I also believe every couple of months you should take a week off from all supplements. This is to help prevent any possible tolerance building up and lessening the effects of the supplements.

This routine should allow you to maintain your penis size increases while freeing up your time. It will also help you retain good blood flow to the penis and keep erections strong as you age. Good luck!

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