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Six Ways To Get A Bigger Penis - Find Out which One Is The Best!

If you are looking at how to get a bigger penis size, there are different methods to consider. They all have some advantages, but the chemical approach is currently the best.

Penile Exercises: Penis exercises make use of your hands to push blood into the three penile chambers and to manually stretch the ligaments of the penis. When done the right way these exercises are effective and safe. The one limitation is that like the other methods , size increases slows down considerably after initial growth.

Weight Hanging: This method involves attaching a weight to your penis, commonly a loop device around the penile head. This method can work for length gains and might increase girth a little (weights will not reduce your girth). But you can run into trouble when you change to heavier weights because (and you must to continue getting growth) they can be risky due to their inclination to cut off blood flow to the penile head. This results in nerve and tissue damage.

Penis Pumps: Vacuum pumping works by way of vacuum pressure to suck blood into the penis. The vacuum is slowly raised until the penis has expanded to completely fill up a tube set over the penis. Your penis will increase in size inside the cylinder, but the effect is temporary.

Cellular fluids being drawn into the penis chambers cause muchof the increases in size. It will give an unusual sausage like look to your penis. The excessive fluides drain and the penis returns to normal size after a couple ofhours. If you loss of erection and serious injury may happen. So when pumping use low pressure only and play it safe.

Pills: Penis enlargement pills work better as sex drive enhancers and increasing erection strength but not for actual enlargement of the penis. They might work better used with penis exercises.

Traction Extenders: Extenders are another stretching method sort of like a kinder and gentler way of hanging weight. Extenders are effective for increasing length, more than an inch in many cases.

One problem with extenders is they are not comfortable to wear. And you'll have to use it all day for months to see any increases in length. Also they are visible underneath clothes. While you will make gains in penile length girth will remain unchanged.

Chemical Enlargement: This involves increasing certain hormones using medications to spur cycles of penis growth. For Example, DHT is the top hormone responsible for penis development and is one of the "chemicals" needed.

For example, one step in this method shows you how to upregulate androgen receptors in the penis to higher levels . You then use a topical DHT formula to the penis shaft to start a growth phase.

There are more steps involved in chemical enlargement and it is all done in cycles. The other systems often give you some small increases then slow down or stop working altogether. With chemical enlargement you get large increases, take some time off and then get more large increases.

Some men might be hesitant to use medicines for penis enlargement. However to get real size increases chemical enhancement works better than other methods.




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