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Topical testosterone works effectively for penis enlargement!

Testosterone - Andractim DHT Gel - Works Miracles For Your Penis Enlargement Efforts!

Possibly the best supplement you can use for penis enlargement is Andractim gel. I used this to literally remake my penis. It gets bigger, harder than ever before when I'm on this stuff. The feeling is incredible!

Andractim is actually topical DHT (dihydrotestosterone) - a metabolite of testosterone. DHT is many times stronger than testosterone and has a high affinity for the androgen receptors in penile tissue. It also does not convert to estrogen like testosterone does. So no worries about estrogen related side effects (such as gynecomastia).

I found one study that had 50 males with DHT and placebo. 8 out of the 50 was given the placebo, the remaining 42 received DHT Gel. After 6 months, the males reported bigger erections, painful erections, larger penis, etc. When they surveyed the 42 male partners, the partners stated they want their males to continue the study. Said the increase in sex drive, penis size, etc was worth them staying on it. The next 6 months of the study, no GEL or special mixture - just placebo. The 42 reported no reduction in penis size but sex drive did drop off.

How to use DHT gel for penis enlargement:

The way to use DHT gel successfully is to apply it in cycles. Your body will compensate after a while to the excess DHT by downregulating the androgen receptors making DHT less effective. So what to do? here's a good way to go:

Start using the DHT gel. One dose applied to the penis every day. You will notice it's effects within a couple days. Sign are increased sex drive, harder erections, more morning wood, things like that.

Hit your PE routine hard. As long as you feel the positive effects of the DHT gel continue intense PE workouts (usually a few weeks).

When the effects of the DHT gel seem to be wearing off, stop using it. You should also stop the intense workouts. You can keep up a light routine but during this period your letting your body return to normal. Your penis is also healing.

When you feel ready start another cycle. You should let a few weeks go by before you start again. This gives time for the androgen receptors to upregulate back into the penis tissues.

Each cycle of DHT gel should give you measurable gains, as much as 1/4 to 1/2 inch each cycle. After a few cycles these gains really add up!

The only commercially available topical DHT gel is Andractim. You have to fill out an online form when ordering. Don't state PE as the reason for use! You can state it's for hormone replacement therapy (if over 45yrs. old) or you have Gyno (bitch tits).



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