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One guy's personal journal using Andractim for penis enlargement.

Journal Of One Mans Trials Using Andractim Topical DHT Gel To Enhance His Penis Enlargement Gains!


This is a short account from a guy using the Andractim DHT gel in his penis enlargement routine. He made some amazing progress that still continues.

Using Andractim DHT gel with extender and exercises. Anyways, here are updates... I woke up around 2am this morning with a painful erection. I woke the wife up for some fun and she told me to get away from her with that club. I am REALLY liking these erections. It's hanging even more and is a bit thicker in flacid size... No idea about erect size yet as I am waiting to measure.

The stretching is getting even easier and man the stretch marks are getting even more pronounced. I know I have grown. I can tell by how the wife is taking it easy around it. My vains are showing even more now... For the next week, I am going to be unable to stretch but will be on DHT for good for as long as I don't see any bad affects. So far so good... Right now, my mood is still great and I feel very confident and focused on my goal of 1 inch in 6 months.

I am sleeping better minus waking up to a bit of pain in the erection department. I might try a cialis pill tonight just for kicks and see what happens... Wonder if I can stretch an erection for two hours... Hmmmm.... If you have been thinking about it, for the amount of money you would spend - I am pleased as hell. This stuff is going to last me 6 months if not longer. It's worth it to me for the erections... I have no idea if anyone else would get these results, but as it was stated above - there are studies that have shown it to be helpful. I am all about the helpful part.

Impressions: My painful erections have gone away. - My analysis is that it is because I did not work my penis while still being on the gel. I am starting my exercise back on Tuesday. The wife has noticed but hasn't figured it out yet. The wife, god I love this woman, tried to give me two blow jobs while I was in the shower during the trip since sex was out of the question. She use to be able to deep throat me - she tried two days in a row and each time was frustrated since she wasn't able to. She complained of girth and length and about vomitted on my shaft the second attempt. She had the will, but her throat wasn't having it. She got frustrated and blamed it on a possible cold but kept saying that it sucked and liked to deep throat me. I am not sure how to read this. She seemed worried that if she can't deep throat me, I'll go elsewhere. I just kept telling her that she just needs to do it more often... That put a smile on her face.

Just educating others on what I am experiencing. I will measure next Friday. Visually I see girth gains, but not in length. I am taking the word of my wife on the length growth. Word to the wise, make sure you shower before you attempt intercourse or having oral sex done to you. This stuff is NOT for any type of woman contact. There are a lot of warnings to this not on the package itself but in my online research. Side Effects: I am very aggressive. To the point of about assaulting some a$$hole for yelling at an old lady for attempting to cut in line. He got the point when I suddenly appeared face to face with him and mentally thought which body part I was going to rip off his body to beat the rest of him with. It was a short conversation. When all said and done I felt disappointed we didn't go a very short round. It freaked the crowd out that was standing in line that is for sure. Not sure how this is going to get, worse or better over time.

The measured results are a bit confusing, but does answer a few questions about what the wife is experiencing and what I am seeing visually. I really can't explain the results at this time.

History (27 day period) On DHT gel for 27 days straight. At most times, three small dots used and massaged in. One dot for the entire head, one dot for the front of the shaft and one dot for the back of the shaft. *) Sometimes gel was put on while in the stretcher and only on exposed penile skin other times all areas of the penile skin if stretcher was not going to be used. *) I used Andro-G gel prior to DHT gel for a week and a half. Measurements were taken prior to Andro-G. *) Used stretcher about 3 hours a day approximately 3 times a week. *) A 5 day stretch without stretching, but gel was applied. *) Maintenance jelqing was used as often as I could get away with it. *) Measurements were taken twice in a one day period to ensure accurate stats.

Length Gain: First is length, I have gained just short of a 1/4 of an inch. This explains the deep throat issues my wife was experiencing and her comments during sex. Visually my stretch marks are much wider and overall length is hard for me to judge, but it is very clear on the tape. Now if this rate stays, my goal of 1 inch in 6 months would be overshot by 1/2 of an inch. My conclusion though is that I do not believe these results will stay month after month but this is a good sign.

Girth Gain: Now this is where it get's interesting and where I visually see the gain but can't explain the uneven growth. I measure the following: circumference, diameter, and radius. First is the radius, no uneven growth between the two radius sides. This I was worried about since I have to slant the stretcher sometimes when I wear my sweats. The diameter increased by 1/8 of an inch for the length of the shaft and head but minus the base. The base diameter grew 1/4 of an inch. This explains also the deep throat issues my wife was experiencing. Circumference grew 3/8 of an inch for the base, 1/4 for the head and 1/8 for the shaft.

Conclusions: My conclusions so far are that this stuff does help, no question. Is it worth the money, again, I state yes. I can not explain the uneven growth of my shaft compared to my head or base. The stretcher should force a more even growth. The head also confuses me, this might be with the amount of DHT I apply. For the base, it might be with how I apply it as well since it appears I go over that area when I message it in more frequent then the shaft. The wife is very pleased but frustrated. She has noticed the girth and length and does climax much faster now. She is frustrated with the blow jobs. She tried again the other day without success. My mood is still upbeat and has started to be less aggressive. I will measure again in a month. I hope this helps others...

Status Update: The aggressive behavior has subsided. My mood is still great. Growth this month hasn't been at the same rate as the previous one, however my stretching time has been cut in half. Also, I am experiencing acne and attempting to counter that by using a nightly facial wash. My hair on my head has begun to be a bit more oily - head and shoulders works for that. The wife is still loving it minus giving BJs. Morning wood hasn't been painful for a while but I believe that is due to the limited exercise time and this backs up my previous months report. Size continues to increase...

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