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Follow this penis exercise workout schedule for optimum results!

Beginner's penis exercise workout schedule and advice for fast and safe results:

The most important thing to consider for a workout schedule is how your penis feels. In other words, if your libido is high and your penis is getting good blood flow then workout. If your penis is sore and erection quality is down, don't work out until things improve. You won't make progress if you work your penis exercises when it's not in a healthy state!

That's another reason to use the supplements I talk about (specifically topical DHT, but the others will also help). You will recover better and can workout more frequently. That being said, here is a workout schedule you can follow to get started. But remember, if your penis does feel fully recovered don't exercise it!

Don't forget to take accurate measurements before you start so you can measure your size increases!

Week 1: Begin using topical DHT. Just squeeze out a bead an inch or two long along the penis shaft and rub in. Use this twice a day. After a week of applying DHT you can start the exercises. Continue to use DHT

Week 2: Stretches for 5 minutes, the squeeze for 5 minutes and Jelq for 10 min. You should be very gentle this first week and let your penis tissue adapt to the new stresses of the routine. Workout Mon/Wed/Fri.

Week 3: Stretches for 5 minutes, squeeze for 5 minutes and the Jelq for 15 minutes. Increase the pressure for all exercises. Remember if you feel pain you are applying too much force. Work in ligament massage during stretching. Workout Mon/Wed/Fri.

Week 4: Perform the soft stretch for 10 minutes, the squeeze for 10 minutes and the Jelq for 20 min. You should be applying maximum pressure to all exercises but be careful! There should be no pain at any time. Also if you see any tiny red dots appear on your penis decrease the force you are using. The spots are tiny burst capillaries that will go away but are signs to ease up. Work in ligament massage during stretching. Workout 4 to 5 days a week. You need off days to recoup.

Week 5: Perform the stretch for 15 minutes, the squeeze for 15 minutes and the Jelq for 30 min. Start off the stretch with the hard method for one or two rotations and then move to the soft method. Remember to Kegel Exercise! You should be going for maximum intensity with each workout. Work in ligament massage during stretching.

After the fourth week try working out Sun/Mon/Tue and Thu/Fri with Wed and Sat off. Or go five days straight with two days off (for example Mon-Fri on with the weekend off). You may be tempted to workout everyday but you need days off to recouperate.

High intensity short workouts with adequate rest will give you the most gains with the least amount of time out of your day. This is far more effective than low resistance type exercises that take up hours out of each day and years to show results if any. It is very important to keep using the heat applying methods described earlier to maximize gains and prevent injury!



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