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Believe This: Extenze Extra Strength Formula Is Your
Secret Weapon To Increase Penis Size!

Before I discovered topical DHT the supplement that worked best for me is Extra Strength Extenze.
This pill makes a huge difference when trying to get a bigger penis. It's literally like a magic formula to increased penis size!

In fact, until I started taking it, I had a hard time making any gains at all.

So what can you expect when taking Extenze?

Well, the key ingredients in Extenze are powerful. After only a few days you'll feel a filling sensation in your penis. Flaccid size starts to increase. It's like having a semi hard-on all day long. This is due to the massive increase in blood flow to your penis.

What causes this increase in blood flow? Massive amounts of Yohimbe. I suggest taking Extenze in the morning because the Yohimbe may give some guys insomnia if taken at night.

Another critical ingredient of Extenze that makes it work so well is DHEA. This is a precursor to increasing Testosterone which in turn increases DHT. This is another reason these pills get real results that the others don't.

In addition to DHEA, Extenze contains Velvet Deer Antler. This in the only extract known to have IGF-1. This growth factor is normally derived from HGH in the body and along with DHEA is a powerful combination for penile tissue growth.

In fact, you may notice increases in girth from taking just the pills alone within two or three weeks! Length gains will require the addition of stretching exercises.

There's a lot more information about the new Extenze Extra Strength formula here.




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