Quick tips to make your penis look bigger instantly!

Quick and easy tips to make your penis look bigger right now!

A strange characteristic of the human penis is that two men may have the same size erection yet in the flaccid state one will appear much larger than the other. For some men this can be embarrassing, as they don't appear to measure up in the locker room. Over time the flaccid size of your penis will increase as you progress with your penis enlargement. Until then if you were not blessed with a large flaccid size penis here are some tips to make your penis look bigger.

1. Trim the pubic hair around the penis and shave the shaft completely (be careful). Also shave the area just above where the penis and pubic meet about a half-inch up and the same width as your penis. This simple procedure done twice a week can give your flaccid penis a dramatically bigger look.

2. Do short jelqing sessions before any situation where your flaccid penis will be exposed and you want it to look bigger. It is usually not hard to find a restroom and get a little privacy wherever you are. You only need a few seconds to get some blood flowing to the penis and increase the appearance of its size.

3. Losing weight can increase the visible length of your penis. The pad of fat over the pubic bone hides penis length as you gain weight. Weight loss alone can mean a gain of up to an inch or more! This is the reason measuring length with the ruler pressed against the actual pubic bone gives more accurate information. For more on weight loss see below.

4. Constriction rings (also known as the cock ring) are used to trap blood in the penis and maintain erections for problems with impotency. To help your flaccid penis look larger purchase an adjustable ring (the kind that encircles both penis and scrotum is best).

How to use the constriction ring:

Milk your penis so that it is large with blood but not erect. Put on the ring but leave it loose so that blood flow is not stopped but only slowed. This will help you to maintain a larger flaccid size and also can help train the penis to retain more blood at all times. Be very careful and check the ring often to ensure that blood is getting to the penis. Obviously this method is for use with pants on and will help give you that "big package" look.

5. Use a penis enlargement pill. Your flaccid hang size will get bigger within days of using a good supplement. That's because the pill increases blood flow to the penis, letting you walk around with a sort of "semi hardon". So you will look like you're packing a lot more in your pants. The absolute top enlargement pill to use with your exercise program is Extra Strength ProSolution.



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Tips To Make Your Penis Look Bigger Now!

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